Mentorship & Supervision

Peer Leaders (PLs) are mentored and supervised by a PL Mentor Supervisor (PLMS) to ensure appropriate workshop facilitation.The most recent updates to the Supervising Evaluation forms refined the process of analyzing and gauging PL performance; however it did not provide a complete picture of workshop quality. To remedy this, the data from these forms were analyzed and four main themes emerged (Workshop Interactions, Critical Thinking, Time Management, and Effective Presentation). These themes were used as sections in each of the new forms, along with quality assurance questions and general open-ended questions to best reflect PL and workshop performance. The new set of evaluation forms are based on the concept of a 360° Evaluation, modeled after those performed in the business world. We are working on establishing statistical validity and reliability for this evaluation form. The aim of adapting the 360° Evaluation to PLTL is to create a suitable set if instruments for other institutions to evaluate PL performance.