Council of Chairs Directory

Isamar Camarena-Ubiera | Chair of Recruitment |

Isamar Camarena-Ubiera is an undergraduate majoring in Biomedical Engineering and considering a minor in Chemistry at Florida International University. She began as a Peer Leader for General Biology I in 2015, and has since been conducting research as a Research Assistant Peer Leader on the Perceptions of Supervision Mentor-ship in the PLTL program at the university. She hopes to further her research by observing how gender and sex affect relationships and perceptions between Mentor-Supervisors and Mentees. Isamar is also the Recruitment Chairperson for the PLTL program and a Supervisor for the Competitive Sports program at FIU.

Daniel Flores | Chair of Supervising |

Daniel Flores received his Associates Degree in Education from Miami Dade College in the spring of 2011. He went on to receive his Bachelors Degree in Biological Sciences from Florida International University in the Spring semester of 2015. He first became a peer leader in the fall of 2011. He was assigned as Chair of Supervising for the PLTL program at FIU in 2013. He later joined the RAPL program in 2015 to help incorporate research into the reformed supervising program. Currently he works as a lab instructor at FIU for Biology as well as a Group Discussion Peer Leader for Biology 1 while applying to the Masters of Public Health program with a focus in Epidemiology.

Katherine Lemus | Co-Chair of Group Discussion |

Katherine Lemus is a Fall 2017 graduate at Florida International University with a Major in Biological Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies and a Minor in Chemistry. She has been a PLTL Leader since her freshman year in Spring 2015 and became a supervisor shortly thereafter in Fall of 2015. Katherine became a Group Discussion Leader in Fall of 2016, where she has been able to express her enthusiasm about both General Biology 1 and 2. She aspires to attend Medical School, in the hopes of becoming a Pediatrician or a Cardiologist, and absolutely loves bringing joy to others. She is currently still a GD Leader in General Biology 2, scribes for the Cardiovascular Center of South Florida and is a Teaching Assistant for both General Biology 1 & 2. She hopes to continue to brighten peoples’ days and spread the importance of knowledge as she furthers her studies in the incredible field of the Sciences.

Nicole Angelique Vargas Chair of Outreach |

Nicole Vargas is a Florida International University graduate. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 2016 and finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Biology in 2017. She has been involved with the PLTL Program since her sophomore year in college. She is currently a research assistant for the PLTL program at FIU where she has been conducting research on the critical thinking skills associated with PLTL leaders. Nicole is also the Outreach Chairperson for the PLTL program and an adjunct instructor for the Biology Department at FIU. She will be starting a Master’s degree in Adult Education and Human Resource Development in the fall.

Philip Geronimo Villar | Co-Chair of Group Discussion |

Philip Geronimo Villar is a Florida International University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry. Philip started as a peer leader in 2014, leading for Bio 1, Bio 2, and Genetics. He is currently the Group Discussion Chairperson for the PLTL program. He also works part-time as an adjunct teaching assistant for the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at FIU, and an Emergency Room Scribe for PhysAssist. He is an aspiring doctor that wants to emphasize the importance of educating the patient to facilitate a conversation about their health, rather than a 1-sided discussion. In the long run, he believes this will help patients become more informed, enabling them to make better decisions and be able to pass on the information to others, essentially building a web of connections that will diminish ignorance within the health field. Philip is passionate about teaching, whether it’s chemistry, biology, physiology, or medicine, you are going to have an interesting conversation that you’ll never forget.