Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply?

-The interest sheet and PLTL Application can be found on our website: These applications are also frequently sent via email.

Where is my workshop?

-Your workshop room number will be contained within your class link on Blackboard. It will look similarly as:

-1175 – BIO1007 – Summer C 2017 MMC BSC1010 7 W Time:3:30PM-4:45PM Room: FIUS 221 – Section 7W – Summer 2017

-FIUS 221 is the room number in this class title.

How do I request a substitute?

-Leaders have access to a Leader Page on Canvas that contains a Substitute Application specifically for sub requests. All Leaders will receive an email detailing the specifics of the sub needed. It is important to be specific of the location, subject, and specific date of the workshop you need covered.

What do I do if I’m running late to a workshop?

-If you are running late to your workshop, you must contact the PLTL staff immediately (by call/text) as soon as you realize you will be late. The sooner you contact us, the easier it will be to find a solution to arriving late.

What do I do with my weekly paperwork?

-All student documents are to be kept in a designated folder until the end of the semester, where you will submit to the PLTL staff for review. If you need a file folder, the staff is happy to assist you with one!

What do I do if I miss a GD?

-You must contact the PLTL staff and your GD Leader prior to missing your GD. It is possible you may be able to attend another GD that week in order to be able to run your workshop for that week. You cannot run your workshop if you miss GD.


How do I enroll?

-Enrollment occurs at different times for each subject. You can call 305-348-3511 to verify enrollment time for your exact subject. Students can enroll for pltl at FIU at the link below.

-The “Select Courses” button will take you to a window where you can specify the subject on the category drop down list. Any courses that show up are enrollable. If you see a red line crossed for the “Enroll Now” button next to each course, this means you are already enrolled in a PLTL section. Please call us at 305-348-3511 for further assistance.

Where is my workshop?

-Once you have successfully enrolled into a PLTL section, your workshop room number will be the contained within your class link on Blackboard. It will look similarly as:

-1175 – BIO1007 – Summer C 2017 MMC BSC1010 7 W Time:3:30PM-4:45PM Room: FIUS 221 – Section 7W – Summer 2017

-FIUS 221 is the room number in this class title.

How many workshops can I miss?

-You cannot miss more than 2 workshops in the semester. Missing three or more times will results in no credit earned for the program (if PLTL is not mandatory for your course). Courses using PLTL as a mandatory component to the course do not hold a minimum of attendance, but absences will still negatively affect your final PLTL score.

How do I make-up a workshop?

-Students must go to to apply for a make-up. Students are allowed ONE make-up per semester. The slip will be emailed back to the student to access the section time and location assigned. Remember, a make-up must take place within the same week (i.e. If you miss Week 6, you cannot make-up your session in Week 7.) Keep in mind that once sessions end for the week, that material is no longer covered and you will not be able to make up your session. Remember, only one make-up is allowed per student, per subject taken of PLTL.

How can I see my current PLTL score?

-Your PLTL score is calculated as a percentage provided under “Grades” on your PLTL Canvas course page.

What happens if my leader is late/absent?

-If your Leader is late or does not show up, do not leave! Leaving can make the student vulnerable to not earn credit for that day! Students should contact the PLTL office at 305-348-3511 to inform them their Peer Leader is missing.

My workshop is online this week, how do I participate?

-In rare occasions, usually due to an emergency closure of the University, inability to find a substitute for your PLTL session, etc., then your PLTL workshop for that week will be held online. Your Peer Leader will post each question from the worksheet as a separate discussion post. You, as a student, will then need to begin the discussion on at least one question (this will count towards your readiness survey points) and then reply to at least three of your peers responses to other questions (this will count for your discussion and book points). Each response needs to be carefully considered, and should be about 3-4 sentences long. Just responding, “I agree,” would not be sufficient for credit. Your Peer Leader will also post the instructions as an announcement on your Blackboard page.

How late can I arrive to my workshop?

-You can no longer stay in your workshop after the first 10 minutes of your workshop. Five minutes into the workshop, a readiness survey is handed out. The readiness survey is collected at exactly five minutes after it has been passed out. Once it has been collected by the Peer Leader, students will not be allowed into the session. As a result, students have a 10 minute grace period to arrive to their PLTL workshops before they are not allowed to remain for the day. However, the readiness survey will be collected along with everyone else’s.

What do I need to bring with me?

-Students are required to bring their course textbooks, and something to write with. The textbooks can be a physical book, or it can be an eBook. The eBook must be on either a tablet or a laptop. We do not allow the use of eBooks on a cell phone.

Can I get more than one makeup during the semester?

-No. All students are allowed one make-up during the semester, regardless of documentation.

What if I can’t makeup a workshop?

-If you cannot make up a workshop, then it will have to count as a zero. If you have not missed any previous session, then it can count as your lowest grade dropped option that is automatically done for you.

Where is the stadium (RSS) and how do I get there?

-The stadium (RSS) is the site where many PLTL workshops may be located. Be sure to access a campus map to locate it. The PLTL Office in OE296 also has handouts with specific instructions on how to get there from the OE building. Be sure to distinguish the Ricardo Silva Stadium from the Ocean Bank Convocation Center (Panther Arena), which has been commonly confused. If your room is RSS, we advise that you locate your room long before your actual workshop is in order to avoid being late to your workshop. If you continue having trouble finding it, you are also welcome to give us a call at 305-348-3511 and we will assist as much as possible.

What building is CASE?

-CASE refers to the building named Computing, Arts, Sciences, and Education. This is the new name for what used to be the ECS (Engineering and Computer Science) building.

What is TLC?

-The Learning Center (TLC) is a separate program from PLTL. More information can be found at

Cyber Students:

How does cPLTL work?

-Cyber PLTL is an online version of regular workshops that occur in a synchronous fashion on a program called Adobe Connect. Instead of meeting in person, students will login and use webcams and mics to experience their workshops. You are still required to have your book/notes, and the workshop otherwise runs just as an in-person workshop. This may be advantageous to non-traditional students who may not have limited access to being on campus to take participate in PLTL for their course.

I’m having technical difficulties, who do I contact?

-The PLTL Staff is not trained in technical advice. The best team to contact in the event of technical difficulties is FIU Online at 1-877-335-3276. More information can be found at

How do I make-up a workshop?

– Students must still go to to apply for a make-up. Students are allowed ONE make-up per semester. The slip will be emailed back to the student to access the section time and location assigned.

What do I need for my workshop each week?

-Textbook and notes are required in all PLTL workshops, including cyber workshops. Additionally, a headset with a mic is also required to successfully participate in cyber workshops.