Student Expectations

Students attending PLTL workshops are expected to follow all policies as set through the PLTL Syllabus, and the rules and regulations presented in the University student handbook. Students are required to bring their course textbooks and class notes to their PLTL workshops. Students are required to arrive on time to their workshops, and be prepared to complete a 5-question, 5-minute, readiness survey at the beginning of the workshop. Participation points are assigned every week, based on the level of participation in the discussion that the students are engaged in. As a results, students are required to participate in the workshop discussions during the entire workshop.


On occasion, a workshop could be held online via the discussion boards on Canvas. In order to receive credit, students are required to participate in these discussions, just as they would in an in-person discussion.


Students are expected to attend their PLTL workshop every single week that they are held. If a student misses their workshop, they may request a make-up slip, in order to make-up their workshop within the subject week. Only one make-up is offered to each student. For more make-up policies, please read the PLTL syllabus.