Leader Spotlight

Any exceptional educational program needs outstanding Leaders to make the program thrive. We are fortunate to have many of these Leaders with us semester after semester. Join us as we shine a spotlight on a few of our stars!


Viviana Montalti

What is your role in PLTL?

I am a PLTL Peer Leader. My role includes facilitating learning and enhancing learning activities of students through making them think critically and making them think of how they are thinking when it comes to biology.

What do you personally get out of PLTL? Why do you participate in PLTL? What motivates you to continue in PLTL?

I enhance my learning by helping others with their learning. It personally helps me understand my thinking and how to reach conclusions having to do with academic concepts in a discussion and having my opinions and questions based on background knowledge. I participate in PLTL because I find it fulfilling and a good experience specially because it helps me remember concepts important in my major that will help my future understanding. I like helping people and doing PLTL includes helping people and helping yourself simultaneously. I want to continue PLTL because I make connections and friendships with people through a subject that I love and I am part of a family with other PLTL Leaders that encourage and empower each other to do better, learn better, and facilitate the learning of others effectively.

What are your goals, your life aspirations, and your career plans?

I wish to become a physician in the future and volunteer in places where healthcare is not easily accessible.

Why do you think you were nominated? (Don’t be humble)

I think I was nominated because I usually substitute for the leaders that need me to and I took up another session because sadly another leader could not finish the semester of PLTL with his students so I stepped in to help.

What do you do for fun besides PLTL?

I travel a lot, I go to concerts, I volunteer with different organizations and play 18 musical instruments.

If you weren’t a Science major, what would you do with your life? (Even if you aren’t a science major… what would have done other than your major?)

I would probably become a social worker and save up until I am able to open an orphanage abroad and help children in need. If not I would like to become a biology or math professor.

What advice would you give new leaders?

Do not stress yourself with too many sessions if you know you are taking too many classes, take a breath. Also do not stress when you have to organize your binder, just stay organized and follow directions. Get to know your students and build a bond with them so they get more comfortable in your sessions and that will lead them to participate more with the other students.

What advice would you give to students?

Don’t be afraid of your leader or asking questions. We are students too and we just want to help. Let us help you, don’t be embarrassed if you do not understand something.