Course Enrollment Dates

Spring 2018 PLTL Enrollment

Specific Dates & Times:
General Biology I (BSC2010):
Enrollment Opening Notified by FIU Email
General Biology II (BSC2011):
Enrollment Opening Notified by FIU Email
General Microbiology (MCB3020):
Tuesday, January 16th, 1:30PM
Intermediate Human Physiology (PCB3702):
Friday, January 12th, 10:00AM
Ecology (PCB3043):
Wednesday, January 17th, 11:00AM
Introduction to Microbiology (MCB2000):
Wednesday, January 17th, 1:30PM
Human Biology (BSC2023):
Wednesday, January 17th, 3:30PM
Histology Lab (ZOO3753L):

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If you need to drop your one section, please email us at or call us at 305-348-3511 during regular business hours. Once dropped, you will have the opportunity to enroll into another section, as long as there are still seats available. Once a section is full, we DO NOT do overrides into closed sections.