Students enrolling in 2+ subjects
by Jose Alberte - Wednesday, 16 January 2013, 04:23 PM
Students enrolling in 2+ subjects:

Please read the following message carefully

Students who want to enroll into PLTL for multiple subjects may do so. In order to do so you must first enroll yourself into the subject that opens enrollment first (example: if Lola wants to enroll for Bio 1, which opens enrollment on Monday, and Ecology, which opens enrollment on Tuesday, she must enroll herself into Bio 1).

Once you enroll yourself into one subject the system will not allow you to enroll into another. At that point you must email us ( when enrollment opens for the second subject so that we can manually enroll you. DO NOT EMAIL US AT ANY TIME BEFORE ENROLLMENT OPENS. There are over 3000 of you and only 4 of us and it would be extremely inefficient for us to make a waiting list.

At the time that you sent the email, please include the following (failure do include the following info will delay the possibility of you getting into your second session...We are not mind readers):
  • Your full name (Lola Bola)
  • Panther ID (1234567)
  • Subject (Gen Bio I- BSC1010)
  • All the info for the section you want to enroll into- subject, section #, day, time, leader (copy and paste from the website)

If the chat room is active (check the chat room note on the PLTL webpage) you may also provide the information above through that medium and we will be able to help you one at a time.