If you are required to/interested in participating in PLTL for your course, you must enroll for a section for the semester.

Enrollment occurs on the PLTL Registration Page:

Here are enrollment instructions on how to register:

  • Scroll down to a short section that states “Click the icon below to view the spreadsheet”. This link will take you to a spreadsheet that shares all of the sections times for each subject. That way, you can see the section time you want ahead of time and know exactly what time to look for come enrollment time for your particular subject.
  • Come enrollment time for your particular subject, you will be prompted to log in prior to enrolling. You will click the “View Courses” button found right underneath the spreadsheet link.
  • Remember, you will not see any courses for your subject until your subject’s designated enrollment time. You can specify your search for your subject by clicking the drop down menu titled “Category” to see the different subjects available. When you see the time you would like to enroll into, click the green button.
    • PLEASE NOTE: clicking the green button within a section time ENROLLS you into that course!
  • Once you have enrolled, the confirmation page will appear stating “Thank you for enrolling”, and you should receive a confirmation email of your enrollment.

You must contact the PLTL office via phone (305) 348-3511 or email ( in order to drop a course you would like to swap out of. Students only have up to three weeks after enrollment opens for your particular subject to choose their permanent PLTL section. After that, enrollment will no longer be available. Thank you.


  • Students, you are ONLY allowed to enroll into ONE section per subject. Therefore, if you need to take PLTL for a second course, you will NEED to e-mail us at the exact date and time of your second subject’s enrollment. If you e-mail us before your second subject’s enrollment time, we will not enroll you. If you need to drop your one section, please e-mail us at Once dropped, you will have the opportunity to enroll into another section, as long as there are still seats available. Once a section is full, we DO NOT do overrides. For students that need to take PLTL for a second course, please make sure you follow these directions: 1. Email us DURING the exact date and time of your second subject’s enrollment. 2. In the e-mail include the following:
  • Full name
  • Panther ID
  • Subject, section number and at least 3 time choices you would like
  • Please Note: The more detailed you are in the e-mail, the faster the process of enrollment will be from our end.