A session currently run by a Peer Leader.

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) at FIU

🌟 Welcome to the Future of Learning! 🎓

Welcome to the official site of Peer-Led Team Learning at Florida International University. Join us in revolutionizing the academic experience by participating in a program proven to improve student success.

📖 What is Peer-Led Team Learning? 🤔

A Brief History 🕰️

PLTL was born in the mid-1990s as a collaborative project between St. Xavier University, Rochester University, and the City College of New York. The aim? To elevate the academic performances and passing rates of general chemistry students.

The Model 🧪

At the heart of PLTL is the concept of peer facilitation. A Peer Leader (PL)—someone who has successfully navigated the course—leads students through weekly workshops. These workshops are intricately designed to complement the course material, encouraging students to think critically and apply their learning to various scenarios.

The Approach 🎯

Peer Leaders guide the discussion but don’t spoon-feed answers. In this unique, workshop-based learning environment, the answers come from you—the student. This collaborative approach not only enhances academic performance but also builds essential skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and self-directed learning.

📈 Why PLTL? The Impact 🌟

  • Increased Passing Rates: Since implementing PLTL, we’ve seen a significant increase in course passing rates.
  • Enhanced Skill Set: Students report improved problem-solving abilities and a better grasp of course material.
  • Peer Leader Growth: PLs themselves benefit, gaining invaluable leadership and facilitation skills.

📋 Get Involved 🙌

Ready to be part of this academic revolution? Here’s how:

  • Students: Sign up for a PLTL workshop and experience the difference in learning.
  • Prospective Peer Leaders: If you’ve aced the course and are interested in giving back, consider becoming a Peer Leader.
  • Educators & Institutions: Interested in incorporating PLTL into your teaching methodology? We’d love to partner with you.