Staff Directory

Jose Alberte | Director |

Jose has been the PLTL Program Director at Florida International University (FIU) since 2006 and first volunteered as a Peer Leader in 2005.  Mr. Alberte led the expansion of PLTL at FIU from mentoring 250 students and a handful of Peer Leaders to approximately 4200 students and approximately 200 PLTL mentors per semester, in multiple courses. He works with Biology faculty in the development of curriculum for both lecture and lab and has a broad range of knowledge and practice implementing active learning techniques in the classroom. His research focuses on understanding the Peer Leader experience using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Alberto Cruz | Associate Director |

Alberto has been the Associate Director of the PLTL Program at Florida International University (FIU) since 2010, and first volunteered as a Peer Leader in 2008. He is also a founding board member of the PLTL International Society. He graduated with his BS in Biology, and MPH in Biostatistics  from FIU, and plans on pursuing a PhD. in Epidemiology. His research interests focuses on multivariate analyses of Peer Leader and Supervisor/Mentor benefits.

Nataly Amaya | Assistant Director |

Nataly began as a Peer Leader in Fall 2010. In Summer 2011, she took the Biology Education Seminar, first offered that semester and taught by Jose Alberte and Thomas Pitzer. This led to an increased passion for pedagogy in STEM education. Here Jose and Thomas recognized Nataly’s interest and dedication in STEM pedagogy and extended her position as staff in the PLTL program. She has a B.S. in Biology.

Frank Rodriguez | Administrative Assistant |

Frank has been a part of the PLTL program since 2015. He is obtaining his Bachelor’s in Science with a Biology major in the Fall and has been on the Dean’s all four years. He is the current Administrative Assistant, has experience as a Leader, Supervisor and GD Leader. He volunteers at a vet’s office to gain experience for Veterinary School. He plans on attending Veterinary School Spring 2019.